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  • Bamiyan weavers

    Bamiyan weavers

  • A weaving studio in Bamiyan

    A weaving studio in Bamiyan

  • The Afghan Carpet Project

    The Afghan Carpet Project

  • Barak


Bamiyan Weavers projects


The Bamiyan Weavers project is thankful for the continuing support of Friends of Afghanistan (501(c)(3), Tax ID 46 - 4928009). The mission of Friends of Afghanistan is to build and sustain an information exchange about Afghanistan and its people and to network for their peace and prosperity.  Its goals are a) to facilitate peaceful and constructive dialogue about Afgh anistan; b) to inform members and the public about Afghanistan issues and organizations assisting the Afghan people; and c) to serve as the alumni organization for Afghan RPCVs, former Peace Corps staff, and members of the military and the diplomatic and international assistance communities who have served in Afghanistan.


We are proud of what we have already accomplished

Engaged Local Entrepreneurs

Everything starts with the people. We work directly with the emerging entrepreneurs and local weavers and others to support and enhance the existing skills and talents of the weavers, and to help develop new markets for their products.



 Jointly-Developed Business Plan

Two women in Bamiyan with exceptional business acumen (one American, one Afghan) developed a sustainable business model based on the weavers’ skills and locally available materials. Their support group in the U.S. made suggestions and raised funds.



Raised Fifteen Thousand Dollars

Funds were developed to design, construct, and ship a counterbalance loom from the US to Afghanistan by the support group, Growing Peace in Afghanistan. Funds have also been used for supplies and initial salaries and to make the video on this page



Who are the women weavers of Bamiyan?

Enter your text here.The weavers live in and around Bamiyan city (where the large statues of Buddha were until they were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001). Many of the weavers live in caves in the cliffs above the valley. They have little money and do weaving and sewing to supplement their families’ income.



Bakht Bagum








We who are supporting the Bamiyan Weavers are a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Afghanistan and other interested Americans.

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