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Comprehensive Yearend 2022 Campaign

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You rallied to our call for COVID-19 nutrition support and sustained our refugee and emigrant efforts through Operation Snow Leopard, Team Rubicon, and No One Left Behind. Our educational outreach efforts continue inside Afghanistan through Dr. M. Khan Kharoti's Green Village Schools (GVS) in Helmand. We are funding a science teacher and providing midwife training as an extension of the Doc Rollins Scholarship Fund through the GVS program. We are also active in Jalalabad through the medical and nutrition projects of the Awaken Program, which operates out of Muncie, Indiana. We continue to support Code to Inspire (CTI) in Herat in their training program for female information technology (IT) coders. The Taliban have officially approved CTI to continue its educational programs. We also support the oppressed women of the Hazarajat through our contributions to the Bamiyan Weavers Project (BWP). In coordination with the Afghan Scouts, we assisted a female student's flight to freedom.

Funded: $10,185.00
Goal: $10,000.00